Why Aluminium Signs Are an Excellent Option for Indoor Corporate Use

10 March 2020
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When it comes to choosing the right business signs, many people pay attention to messaging, colour, design and shape. However, the signage material also contributes to the overall impression of your business. A PVC sign gives off a different feel than a metal sign. Similarly, a glass sign is better suited for a different message from a wooden sign.

Aluminium is an excellent material for many different types of corporate signs. From welcome signs to lobby signage, aluminium can be used to curate and express unique corporate messages. Here are some reasons why you should opt for an aluminium sign for your business.  

Excellent durability

There's a lot that happens in your business on a daily basis. From addressing customer concerns to keeping employees on task, you may not have much free time to fulfil other duties. This is why you need a quality, attractive and durable sign for your business.

Aluminium signs are among the most durable out there. Aluminium is resistant to corrosion, temperature fluctuations and warping. This means that once you install such a sign in your business, maintenance will be easy. Cleaning and polishing will be the two main tasks that you may need to regularly carry out. However, you don't have to worry about physical damage or tampering.  

Light and easy to install

In addition to being durable, aluminium signs are also light and relatively easy to install. You can hang them in your lobby, in the entrances to various rooms and even in employee break rooms.

Aluminium (and some of its alloys) is a light metal. This means that your sign will be less prone to falling off after being installed. In fact, aluminium composite materials are a popular option for wall-hung signs in corporate office chains and lobbies.

Provide an authentic touch

The material you choose for your corporate sign also speaks to your brand. A cheap-looking sign may put off potential customers, while a quality material such as aluminium impresses customers.

With the right polishing, curating and positioning, an aluminium sign can elevate your building to make it appear professional.

Aluminium is also easy to powder-coat with many different colours and designs. It can be welded into sheets of different thicknesses, sizes and shapes. With such flexibility, your hands aren't tied when choosing a sign that will best represent your business.

Can also be used outdoors

Finally, aluminium signs are a good option for outdoor use. They can be hung on outside walls, windows and other strategic areas to attract more traffic.