Acrylic Signages: Why You Should Go for Cut-To-Size Designs

15 April 2022
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Acrylic is a popular signage material. First, it's lightweight, making it easy to transport and work with during installation. Acrylic signages are also impact and weather-resistant, non-glaring, easy to customise and versatile in colour options, allowing you to create a broad range of unique visual effects with your signs.

Like all signages, finding the best requires careful consideration of several critical factors. For instance, acrylic signs come in different sizes and shapes. Therefore, it would help to assess your unique applications to select the best fit. One easy way to do this is to go for cut-to-size designs. As the name suggests, these signages are designed to suit your exact size and shape specifications. Here's more on the top reasons to consider cut to size acrylic signages.


Signage installation can set you back a significant amount of money depending on the size and quantity of acrylic sheeting you need. Therefore, finding ways to save some money on the project can be helpful if you are on a tight budget. Essentially, buying cut to size acrylic signages or sheeting is a practical way to spend less on your project. First, doing this ensures you only spend on what you need. You don't have to worry about any excess material that would go to waste.

Cut to size acrylic sheeting also comes with significant labour cost savings. First, you don't need to hire or buy specialised equipment and tools to cut your acrylic sheeting to the size you want for your signage application. Therefore, the project becomes less complex and laborious. Having cut to size acrylic signs also eliminate the possibility of accidental damages during the cutting process, which may further result in wastage.

Faster Installation

Are you looking for solutions to speed up your project? Using cut to size acrylic sheets and signages can significantly reduce project delays. That's particularly crucial for large projects that require cutting huge or several acrylic sheets, increasing your overall completion time.

High Precision Levels

Precision and quality are other critical reasons for buying cut-to-size acrylic sheets for your signage installation project. Typically, these sheets are manufactured using computerised intervention. That means precision levels and quality are top-notch. Skilled professionals may still get the job done on-site using suitable tools. Therefore, if you must cut down the acrylic sheets for your project, it would help to hire a professional. Doing it yourself can potentially result in errors, damages and poor-quality cuts. 

For more information about cut to size perspex sheeting, contact a local professional.