How Informational Signage Can Boost Profits at Your Retail Store

21 June 2019
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Signage is a great way to get more customers and sell more items at your retail store. However, when it comes to boosting profits with signage, most managers' minds go straight towards promotional signs.

Promotional signage notifies your customers of all the great sales, deals and offers you have running. Naturally, this makes it great for generating more income. But it's important to note that this isn't the only type of signage that can help the financial side of your business—informational signage can too. If you're not using informational signs to their fullest extent, you could be costing your shop money.

Here are two ways informational signage can generate more customers and more sales.

Navigational Signs Reduce Lost Business

Navigational signs, sometimes known as wayfinding signage or directional signage, are the signs that tell your customers where to go to find the items they're looking for. Most shops are segmented into zones, each zone with a different type of items. If you run a big clothing store, for example, men's and women's clothes may be on separate floors. In a small pets shop, cat and dog supplies may be as opposite ends.

No matter how your shop is laid out, navigational signs can boost your profits by reducing lost business. Customers who get lost in a shop or have to spend too long hunting down items are likely to buy a lot less, and the experience can even put them off your shop for good. The better your navigational signage is, the less likely you are to lose business.

Product Detail Signs Push Customers to Buy

As online shopping becomes even more commonplace, customers are becoming more used to having all the information they need about a product at their fingertips. On an online store, finding out more about the fabric of a dress or the specs of a phone is usually as easy as scrolling down or clicking a button. Often, reading this information is what pushes customers to finally click 'buy.' In a physical store, however, customers traditionally need to find a clerk and ask them to provide these details. What's worse is that in many cases, the clerk isn't even sure themselves. If customers can't find out what they want to, they're likely to leave the shop without buying.

A great way to combat this is to display product detail signage near products that customers might want to know more about. Product signs don't have to be complex—a few lines containing the most important information is all that's needed. This way, customers can get their information just as quickly as they need online, pushing them to make the purchase. 

These are some of the signage solutions you can consider for your store.