Guide to buying rubber stamps

26 March 2019
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Rubber stamps are handy in the workplace for use in marketing and signing of invoices. They are also helpful for recreational purposes in wedding cards and greeting cards. The following guidelines will help you buy a suitable rubber stamp:


Before you place an order for a rubber stamp, decide on the type of design you want. Companies that sell rubber stamps offer software that allows you to design your rubber stamp. The software allows you to select the fonts, font sizes and whether to add an image to the stamp. The software will also determine the dimensions of the intended stamp, allowing the company to suggest a fitting stamp mount. If you are ordering for different departments, you can order different designs for each department.

Type of ink for use on rubber stamps

Rubber stamps use different types of inks depending on their design. Inks are available in different types, colours and pad sizes. Standard rubber stamps use a separate inkpad. Self-inking stamps come with in-built stamp pads that are easy to use and clean. If you are always on the move, then carrying an inkpad can be inconvenient; hence the need for pre-inked stamps. Pre-inked stamps can be used anywhere without the need for an inkpad. Stamp pads are available in multi-coloured pads and single colour pads.

Inks for rubber stamps are available in pigment, dye or solvent-based. Dye inks do not work for glossy surfaces, as they need to soak in the paper to produce the design. Dye inks are suitable for rubber stamps.

Types of rubber stamps

There are different types of rubber stamps each with different benefits. Mounted stamps are the most popular type of rubber stamps, and as their name suggests, they are mounted on a block. Aside from buying ink separately, they are easily customisable and offer a clean look. Self-inking stamps come pre-inked as the rubber meets a stamp pad during stamping. It requires a refill or replacement of the pad after its ink drains. Self-inking stamps are suitable for glossy papers and provide complex designs, which make it suitable for notary seals. They are also easy to use and make minimal noise. They are expensive in comparison to other types. Wood rubber stamps are similar to traditional mounts, attached to a wooden mount, but lack a handle. They have an aesthetic appearance, make stamp impressions easily and are suitable for personal use.