4 Tips to Make the Most Out of Business Signage

5 September 2017
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Signage and graphics can make a big difference to any business's marketing and outreach program, as well as their relationship with clients. How effective your signage is depends on an interplay of many factors. This article highlights some simple tips to make your signage count.

1. Go for simple

The most effective signs are the most simple. Consider that you have just a few seconds with customers passing by. For drivers, your time is even shorter. Adding more words to a sign means the writing will be smaller and hence harder to read. If a potential customer can't get the gist of your sign in the few seconds you have, you've lost business.

2. Choose your materials

Your choice of material depends on how long you intend to put up the sign. At your business premises, we can assume that you'll be placing signage indefinitely, and hence it must be very strong. There are three common signage materials:

  • Poly-coated cardboard – these are the cheapest but also the easiest to ruin. They're great for temporary signage and can last about 3-6 months, depending on the weather

  • Corrugated signs – lightweight and more durable (about 2 years) than the above, so they're great for creating affordable, reusable signage. Because they are rather translucent, , ask your printer to do reverse printing, or create fold-over signs to prevent show-through

  • Aluminium/aluma lite – these are the strongest and can serve as long as five years. They are therefore ideal for permanent signage

3. Think about location

For maximum exposure, you need to research places where your target audience is most likely to hang out. In addition, you can talk to your local traffic department to let your know which the busiest roads in your city are, what times of day have the most foot or car traffic (depending on your target) and other details.

Remember that advertising along these places doesn't come cheap, but you can circumvent this if you don't have a big marketing budget. For instance, you can talk to non-competing businesses to allow you to place you signs on their premises in return for some incentive e.g. discounts, free products/services etc. Ensure that the sign is facing the highest oncoming traffic.

4. Be consistent

Ensure that your signage message, colours and other elements are consistent with your corporate identity. If potential clients see the same message each time they encounter your business, they are more likely to remember you in time. Use the same message on your promotions and in-store signs as well.