3 Advantages of Using Corflute Signs in the Outback

15 February 2017
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The outback covers a huge portion of Australia, but you'll face similar environmental challenges no matter where you are in it. With that in mind, you need to take extra care when choosing your signage material. Here are just three reasons why corflute signs are a great match for the outback.

1. Corflutes Are Heat Resistant

If there's one thing that the outback has plenty of, it's heat. Although temperatures can drop dramatically during the night, even the winter days can become uncomfortably hot. In the summer, sweltering barely even covers life in the outback. This can make many types of signs hard to use since they heat up very quickly. Metal signs, for example, can quickly become hot enough to burn when you set them up in the outback. Corflutes are a different story. They will warm up a little under direct sunlight but not very much. This makes moving them easier, which is great if you're in a fast-moving business such as real estate, and you won't have anyone complaining about picking up a burn by resting their hand on your sign.

2. Corflutes Stand Up Against UV Rays

With the sun beating down so hard across the outback, it's obviously smart to think about how the heat will affect your signage. However, you'll also need to think about the UV rays that will be hitting your signs—it's not like they will be able to whip out some sunblock to protect themselves. Unfortunately, UV rays can cause many signage materials to fade quite quickly. A faded sign is not going to give a great impression of your business; in fact, it might make people wonder if you're still in business at all. Luckily enough, you always have the option of using corflute signs instead. They can be treated for UV-resistance, so they should last years without ever showing signs of fading.

3. Corflutes Are Easy to Install

With all that heat and sun, performing any kind of outside work in the outback can be a very uncomfortable affair, and it's easy to become dehydrated and start to overheat. If you will be placing your signs yourself, or even if you'll be hiring other people to do so, this is really something that you should think about. Having to break out the power tools to install metal signs or hammer in wooden posts can really take it out of you when you're working in this kind of environment. However, the fact that corflute signs are extremely lightweight and can be easier attached to various surfaces using nothing more than eyelets and cable ties makes them the ideal solution.