3 Things to Consider When Planning for Fleet Signage

2 May 2016
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Vehicle signage plays several roles, such as increasing the visibility of your company's brand. However, cost-effective fleet signage can only be gotten if several factors have been put into consideration. This article discusses some of those key factors that you should have in mind as you plan to implement a fleet signage campaign.

Think About Your Fleet

One common mistake that you may make is to think of your current fleet only when designing vehicle signage. This is a mistake because the signage that may be suitable for a fleet of heavy-duty haulage trucks may look crowded when placed on a company sedan. It is therefore very important to work with the graphics design team so that the fleet signage produced can be used on different kinds of vehicle body types. This foresight will save you from the added cost of overhauling your fleet's signage in the event that you include vehicles that cannot show off your existing signage effectively.

Determine the Duration of the Campaign

Fleet signage is designed to last for different durations, such as three years or five years. In case you have a leased fleet, ask the provider of your vehicle signage to install graphics that can last for the entire duration of the lease. This will save you from incurring the cost of replacing old signage when you have a short time to the end of the lease of those vehicles. Knowledge of how long you want the graphics to last will also save you from buying costly materials for a short-term fleet signage campaign.

Use the Provider's Resources

Use your in-house graphics team to develop the specifications of the fleet signage that you want to install. Once the specifications are completed, let the selected signage company design the vehicle graphics. This approach will free your personnel to focus on activities that bring money into the company, such as designing packaging materials for the products that you manufacture. You will also be able to take full advantage of the expertise of a specialised team of vehicle signage designers. In this way, you are likely to get better quality graphics than if you had relied on your own employees to make the final designs of the vehicle graphics.

Fleet signage reflects directly on the image of your company. You should therefore do everything in your power to get the best signage your budget can procure. The tips above can go a long way towards ensuring that your vehicle signage campaign delivers the desired results.